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Nature. Nurture. Freedom.

Join our journey and learn how we transformed this 5 acre dirt field into a vibrant homestead with organic gardens, outdoor living spaces and happy animals.

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Why We Do What We Do?

Reason 1

We believe focusing on being Self Sufficient and getting Back To Basics should be a priority for all.

Reason 2

We love Living an Organic Lifestyle and making our Health Our Priority

Reason 3

We feel modeling a life of Gratitude, Joy And Freedom will help secure a better life for our children and our community

Do You Love Organic Farm Fresh Eggs?

We offer our organic farm fresh eggs by donation.  Average donation is $6/dozen.   You can donate with the link below or leave in the donation box when you pick up.  

We buy 100% organic chicken feed from local distributors not box stores.  Fill out the request form and we will contact you.  Thank You For Supporting Our Homestead And Animals!

Why Should You Use Alpaca Fiber?

Reason 1

Alpaca fleece is one of the most prized natural fibers in the world, and a favorite material for luxury fashion designers and hand knitters alike. The extremely soft, lightweight, and durable material comes from the alpaca, which is native to Peru, and alpaca fleece and yarn is a staple of winter wardrobes, from socks to hats to sweaters to coats and more.

Reason 2

All alpaca wool fibers are extremely soft as a result of the small diameter of each fiber strand, and alpaca fiber is five times warmer and stronger than sheep’s wool due to the air pockets in the fiber, which allows it to trap and contain more heat. Alpaca fiber is considered extremely luxurious from it’s soft and durable nature, making it a fixture for winter wear clothing.

Reason 3

Because of its soft texture, alpaca fiber is sometimes compared to cashmere. The fiber also has the luster of silk, making it even more coveted. It comes in 16 natural colors and can be dyed any desired shade.

Alpaca And Llama Fiber Available Now

Who We Are

Jayson, Tammy, Mateo and Milyana Garcia.  We started our journey into homesteading 10 years ago and love every minute of it.  Our focus is to help people learn more about homesteading and how to be self sufficient and get back to basics.  Thanks for visiting our website!

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What We Do?

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Send us a message!  We love to hear from our neighbors and people who love what we do.  Share your thoughts, stories and ideas and help us learn more about you.


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